On the 35th anniversary of my baptism I was confirmed in the Catholic Church. I’m not sure what took me so long, but I am glad I waited until I was fully ready to make a life long commitment.

My faith is a very personal thing. My relationship with God has grown so much over the years and I am so glad I wasn’t silent. I asked questions, prayed endlessly, educated myself, and never gave up.

Come Holy Spirit!!



We’ve been spending some time working in our yard. Our little garden is doing alright. I’m thinking the pallets are maybe hindering root growth. Not sure.

There are several spots that could use some grass seed. After having animals in the backyard, our grass is in need of some tlc.

Softball is in full swing for Abbey. We had a nice night at the game yesterday. The weather was perfect. Sunny but not too hot. I still wore a hat and used sunscreen. SPF 50. Ha!

Not to be

We had a animal mishap. One of our dogs dug under the chicken coop and got to our chickens. So, no chickens for this family. Just the two dogs and our garden. Which is plenty.

Chickens in the Coop

finally got the chicks outside. I need to make the sides of the run more stable so my dogs can’t get in. We also lost a chicken. Little Delilah got away while we were transporting her from the garage to the backyard. We could never find her! Poor little thing.

I’m thinking metal sheets for the run, because of Charlie (our Doxie) can see the chickens he goes berserk. Lucy (our lab) is so strong that if she puts her paw up on anything – she tears down the netting. So I still have a lot of work to do out here.


Trying to jump start a little weight loss. The past year I gained a considerable amount of weight while being at a desk job. Not to mention the stress of working for my previous employer – stress eating HELLO!!!

Not planning on doing Keto hardcore, but as a way to kick sugar and get started on reducing my carb loving ways.

Chicken Coop

Well, it’s time the chicks move from the little plastic box. So I’ve decided to revamp the old wood playhouse into a chicken coop. As you can see, it needs a lot of work! So while we had rain, hail and a few snowflakes yesterday, Abbey and I cleaned it out. I was able to get wire across all the back “windows” and then I ran out of wire. So I’ll need a little bit more. The floor is wood, so I think once I cover it with hay it should be alright. I’ve plans to fashion a door from some old wood laying around. I might poke around our garage for some paint to spiff up the coop for the girls once the weather is nicer. All in all, I’m excited to move them to a bigger space. Hope it warms up a little bit soon. I worry about moving them from the garage.


We got chickens! Betty, Delilah and Sally. It’s been interesting so far. They’re growing like crazy. In the next couple of weeks I plan on converting an old wood playhouse into a chicken coop in our backyard. For now, the girls are staying warm and dry in the garage.