Our youngest son is 12 today! He is always cheerful, helpful, quick, hilarious, encouraging and lovable. 





Lent 2016

 I’m REALLY nervous, but as soon as I heard our parish was setting up Lenten Fair Sharing Groups – I knew I wanted to host one in our home. I am an introvert and do best in small groups, so hopefully through His spirit,  I’ll be able to warmly offer our home up for a few other families. 


Little by little I’m learning a few new stitches. I search Pinterest, then watch YouTube videos and teach myself that way! Some have been a little tricky, while others have been easier to figure out. 

This is a bubble stitch. Don’t mind Charlie. Ha. He’s exhausted and taking a snooze. I think this stitch, especially because of this color, rsekbkes rosebuds. 

 His black multi is a regular single and double stich. 


The lime blanket is a star stich and a regular double stich. Alternated. 

My plan, once I finish all the crocheted blankets. Is to make a quilt for each one. See them together and bind with ribbon and hopefully sell on Etsy. As a hobby. I would just like to make enough to buy my yarn. 

In the meantime I’m crocheting away and dreaming up quilt tops. I’ve already accumulated a lot of cosy, sweet material for the quits. 


Now I need to dream up a fun name for my shop 🎀☕️


 We had some friends over and had a board game night.   
  We sing to the boys. Nicholas turns 12 at the end of this month. 
  Thomas got his first “military” cut. He plans on going into the coast guard after he graduates this summer. 
All four of my kiddos!

Little sis and I riding around with Thomas. Love my kids so much!!

Thomas turns 18

I’ve been looking forward to this coming long weekend. Thomas is coming home and my husband doesn’t have to work! Yay! We’ll be celebrating Thomas’s 18th birthday and Nick’s 12th birthday (a little early). 

Thomas and I a few days after he was born. I can’t believe he’s 18. 

He played baseball almost every year since he was 3. 

 The Fab Four on Easter many years ago. 

Playing in the sand at Cannon Beach. 

The Fab Four at the beach many summers ago. 

The kids and I went fishing in Sandy, OR. 

The Fab Four at Cannon Beach downtown shopping. 

Last Easter doing their eggs. 

Jeromy and Thomas playing baseball in our old Lacey, WA house. 

Thomas and I 

Handsome boy on vacation when we were in Sunriver

The year he played middle school football. His admiring siblings. Ha.  

One of his senior pictures. I love this blue eyes boy more than almost anything. He’s already got the paperwork filled out to join the coast guard when he graduates in June. He’s my heart. 

Trim Healthy Mama recap

I’ve purchased a lot of the special ingredients and am getting the hang of a few of their recipes. I can honestly say, I have SO much more energy and it’s wonderful.    
I’m glad my husband is doing this with me. The children eat whatever I make for dinner. So they’re in part, doing it also. I never make separate meals. Our oldest daughter even enjoys the strawberry cheesecake shake, and will come home from school and make one for herself. 

We’ve cut out alcohol and I honestly don’t miss it. I think there’s a light beer that we could have every now and again, if we really wanted. I think a small glass of red wine is also approved and fine.  For now we’ve just cut it out. I love the GGMS and the Shrinker. My husband hasn’t got the taste of any of the Trim Healthy Mama drinks. So he’s sticking to water. 

The kids had some friends spend the night last weekend. So I put out this breakfast for them. I didn’t eat one bite or drink any oj. Small victories!!

Trim Healthy Mama beginner recap w/ pics

Well the last few days I’ve purchased a lot o strange sounding ingredients. I’m thankful for Amazon prime!  Low carb, zero to 1g sugar and switching things we’d normally eat, to something healthier.   
Salmon patty sautéed in coconut oil, sour cream dill sauce, greens and low carb tortilla. This was lunch. 

Chicken Alfredo with zucchini noodles. Delish! The kids had regular pasta. 

2 egg omelette with zucchini, coconut oil, nutritional yeast and salt and pepper with half a avocado. SO good and filling. I had a GGMS on the side. 

Fried eggs with avocado in coconut oil for my husband. 

Half & half in my black coffee!! So decadent. 

Turkey burgers one night! Yum. Love my new grill. 

The Shrinker. Love these!

Some of the ingredients. Not sure the whey protein here is in plan so I did buy some Jay Robb brand today. 

Taco salad. No tortillas!! 

So far so good. Takes a little more planning because of the ingredients, and more dirty dishes. Ha ha. But I’ve loved everything so far and I already have SO much more energy and ZERO sugar crash in the afternoon.