cecil the lion

Cecil the Lion

Agreed 100%


  Outside my Window

. . . I have the sprinkler system on. Seems silly, I know, to water when it’s been so hot in the valley. Most have let their lawns go brown and brittle. Ours is lush and green. I’m my fathers daughter, after all. Here’s a picture from yesterday. Abigail walks Charlie up and down our street. He loves it. 

I am thinking . . . about wearing a veil to mass. Do you veil? It’s been on my heart for a couple of years. This Lent I’m thinking I’ll try it. I feel so self conscious about it, and fear I’ll be judged – but it’s taken root in me to do it and the feeling and yearning to do so are stronger than my fear. I think. This etsy shop has beautiful veils! Here is a video that is encouraging and beautiful about veiling

 I am thankful . . . For the cooler weather we’ve had this week. It’s been in the 80’s and 70’s. A welcoming, as we’ve had high 90’s and low 100’s. Too hot for me!
I am creating . . . a back to school list. Now that Nicholas is in middle school, he’ll go from navy slacks to khaki as part of his uniform. Everyone needs new everything, it seems. Especially shoes and pants! Growing like weeds they are. 

I am going . . . to prioritize my volunteering in our parish. Help out with cleaning the church and I’ve been asked to train to be a Eucharistic Minister. I’ve been a little forward in my desire to facilitate more family events, offering my time to host.  Praying it gets off the ground. We have mostly an older crowd of parishioners and I would love to see more young families with scho aged children. Build our community. 

I am wondering . . . how things with my home business will turn out. I’ve had countless interviews with new families. It’s so hard to find a right fit. I’ve had people not show for their interviews and I’ve had so many calls and a lot of interest. People can be so unpredictable. I ran into a previous family at mass on Sunday. This mom was going to try and open her own home daycare and found it too difficult, so she’s interested in coming back to mine. We’ll see. I had a couple interviews last week with some dear families with littles and one on the way. 

I am reading . . . 


 In my garden. . . My glads and hollyhock are dying. It’s been so hot here. I’ve had a lot of blooms, but it’s drying out and dying back now. So sad. 

In my kitchen . . . I’ve been cooking more. During the very high heat, I’ll admit it’s been easier to grab salads at Panera for dinner! I have a menu and am sticking to it! Here are a few meals from the past week. Marinated flank, and homemade albondigas and refried beans. 

I’m going to put the kids down for nap and read this:


Abigail Grace

is turning 10! Our youngest daughter, and the baby of our family is finally double digits! 

Abbey is fierce, loyal, determined, competitive, caring, kind and full of personality! 

This past year has been a struggle for her in school and she’s grown and been so patient and willing to work through things. I love her spirit and how hard working she is. A perfect compliment to our family and her group of siblings. 

Happy Birthday Buggy!!