New Job. Sort of. 

So, back in September of 2016 I closed my daycare. I had been running the daycare for almost 15 years. I was burned out and thinking a job outside of the home would be the ticket. Wrong. I HATED it. I really did. I missed the little kids so much. I missed being at home. I hated having adult coworkers and dealing with all their bs and office politic garbage. Not for me!!

So I left that job, and am watching a couple previous daycare children again. I’m keeping it super low, not reinstating my license or enrolling in the federal food program. Here in Oregon I can watch 3 children that are not mine, and still be following the childcare laws. 

I am OVER the moon happy to be home again.  My husband bought me the print below for my birthday. I’ve loved it for years, as it was in a old antique shop that I love. 



Adorable vintage soup cups and quiche dish for all those meatless meals!

A pretty and enviting prayer altar next to our bed.

No Facebook for me this 40 days! I may not ever go back  what an emotionally draining site

A Lenten bible study to enrich my prayer life.
Happy Lent!

The Secret Garden

Our Anna had the lead, Mary, in the schools adaption of the Secret Garden. Mr. Thurston turned it into a musical. Anna had several solos. 

We were all so excited when she got the part. Pretty fun to get the lead when you’re only a freshman!

Almost done with Boot Camp!

Look at my son!!!! 😍 Thomas graduates from Coast Guard boot camp in ONE week! 

Today his group, X-ray 193, earned off base liberty! He hit the town with his crew. Got to have a good long shower, drink coffee finally and most of all – relax!

I’m so proud of him. I’ve been looking st this picture he sent me this morning, all day long with a big grin on my face. 

Love my blue eyed boy. 💙⚓❤