Fall pictures

We had family pictures taken yesterday. Our weather has been extremely stormy and the days leading up to Saturday have been windy and rainy, so I was a bit concerned about our outside session. I almost texted the photographer to reschedule our appointment for another day.

I woke up and checked the weather app on my phone. Our appointment was scheduled for 11am. This is what the app said


Truly a sign from above! No rain at 11am. So I trusted all would be fine, and got everyone ready.

I snapped one picture of the children while we were out there. The others will come later from the photographer. I was so pleased with the location and I cannot wait to see everything!! We did a quick outfit change and had some baseball/softball pictures taken at the ball field as well. All 4 children play, and they all played 2nd base this year! Here is the picture I took with my phone


It’s been fun having Thomas home for the weekend. To hear them all together laughing and joking is such a blessing for my momma heart.

Time to work on the laundry while we watch the Seahawks game. Have a wonderful week!


Back to life

So, after some thought, I’ve decided to close my Facebook account. Although I’ve loved seeing all the pictures, there is also a element of “too much” I was beginning to not enjoy. I don’t want to feel a need to share everything. I also don’t want to know what every other person is thinking, or doing. There are many uplifting aspects of Facebook, but there are also many negative ones. I guess, in a sense for me – ignorance is bliss. I’d rather be happily engrossed here, at home, than viewing their life in theirs!

So, back to life for me 🙂

Here’s what I’ve been up to: (one picture posted twice, and I’m not techy enough to figure out how to remove the garbly-type to remove it. Sorry)






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