Trim Healthy Mama

My husband and I are going to seriously give this way of life a shot. I truly believe sugar and insulin spikes and too many carbs are all the culprit of overweight and lethargic, unhealthy food binges for us. 

 Gwens Nest is a wonderful site with a ton of information and recipes pertaining to Trim Healthy Mama.  Also, Briana Thomas website has wonderful information and recipes.  

Space meals 3 hours apart. Meals and snacks are divided by categories of E (energizing), and S (satisfying). The idea/plan is about reducing sugar spikes and maintaining a healthy functioning metabolism. 

Any suggestions? Good recipes? Insight? Please let me know!!


Almost time

 The kids and my husband are all on break for two weeks!   

I love getting Christmas cards in the mail. Have most of the presents wrapped. 

 Taught myself a new crochet stitch!    

  Praying you’re all well and surrounded by loved ones this Christmas. 

Shopping, Christmas program & basketball

Anna is our second teenager, but our first teenage daughter. She’s 13 and I’m amazed at how much she’s matured and grown this year! Here she is trying on dresses for the school Christmas program.  We decided on the black lace dress, since it can be worn again for many different occasions.   

  Abigail patiently sitting for looooong stretches of time, while her sister tried on dresses. 


Last week was Anna’s last basketball game of the season. Way to go Lady Panther #3     

Abigail (10) and Anna (13) Nicholas and I stayed home since he was running a fever, and my husband took the irks to their school program. 


I love reading all the blogs I’ve stumbled across. I love getting a peek inside other families, their traditions and their homes. 

Here is sweet Nicholas. It’s the third week of Advent. His turn to light a candle (the Rose candle) and his turn to read each night. He was so excited. 

Yesterday was my Dad’s birthday. We FaceTimed with him. The kids sang Happy Birthday to him. He was just delighted and laughed all the way through. 

I made ritz cracker fish for the daycare kids. Sautéed veggies, applesauce and fresh cucumbers. They’re usually pretty good eaters!

For our dinner last night I made maple Dijon chicken and roasted veggies. Not one single piece was left!

Our menu for the week. After looking over our expenses that last several months, I’ve realized how much we’ve spent on groceries! I love to cook and try new recipes, but I think it’s time to go back to simple. Not spend so much and just make things I know we all like and enjoy. 

I just finished crocheting this lap blanket. I’m going to back it with flannel and edge it in satin binding. I hope to make several and open a little Etsy shop after the first of the year. 

I woke early this morning. Took advantage of the twinkling lights and silence. This is my favorite time of the year and I’m always filled with great hope, love and commitment. For my vocation, my family and to God. 

“By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.” Proverbs 24:3-4

I’m sorry, I can’t 

What a week!

Here in the Willamette Valley we’ve had very high winds and sideways rain and more winds. Even a tornado in a small town just north of Portland! It’s been crazy. In the midst of this, our small little neighborhood lost power. Only 8 houses. But ours was one of them. We didn’t have power for only 12-13 hours, but enough to ruin all the food in our two refrigerators and our large upright freezer. Ugh. The next day I went out to the freezer and realized it had died during the outage. Big disappointment. The freezer was given to us as a wedding presents from my in-laws. It’s been two days now and it’s still dead. Time to unplug and take to the dump. 

Then my most worried and feared event happened. My husband was rear ended on his way to work on the freeway. We live in a small town and he commutes to Portland for work. A lot of driving. A lot! We can’t tell how much damage has been done to his car, but likely the entire body was shifted. Not good. And although my husband wasn’t seriously injured (praise God), he did get whiplash. Super stiff, sore and slow moving today. I made him a Dr’s appointment, where my concerns were validated. Whiplash and muscle strain. 

In the rushing and bustling of getting my husband comfortable with a heating pad, ice, pain relievers . . . our oldest daughter went to use the computer to edit and print her final essay copy – to discover that in the power outage our computer got fried. Goodness sakes. 

Tonight, Friday, I’ve been planning on attending a pampered chef party with a group of girlfriends. I’ve been looking forward to it all week. But just a hour ago, I realized; I’m in no shape or frame of mind to be at a party. I’m literally emotionally exhausted. I think worry is as exhausting and debilitating as a physical injury. For me it is anyways. 

I emailed and called my friends and they all graciously accepted my decline to attend. I feel a little guilty. I just can’t do it, I’m sorry. 

Taking care of myself in the midst of all this normal everyday type of turmoil is so important. I’ve learned to stop denying myself that care. I need it. My family needs me to care for myself as well. 

 I plan on writing out more scripture memory cards for my children. Along with their very own Action Bible, I’m giving them each a box of homemade memory cards as part of their Christmas present. 
I’m going to love on my honey and serve him as much as possible. Catch up on laundry. Plan youth group for Sunday and just take it easy. 

Tonight I’ll make roasted veggies and ranch burgers for dinner and be glad and happy to be at our dinner table with those I love the most. 


O Christmas tree

We celebrated the Feast of St. Nicholas and traveled out to Palmer’s farm and cut down two Christmas trees for our house.