My goal for May is a no buy month! No new or used books, clothes or daycare supplies!! 

Wearing what I have. Reading the stacks of books I’ve purchased and haven’t read yet or using the library , and just sticking with what I have for supplies. Going to utilize my own bookcases, craft supplies and boy am I thankful  I have a ton of glue on hand already. 

Spending is easy. Using what I have is hard. It should be the reverse!! 

No buying food out either, unless it’s a date night or normal weekly groceries. No Panera and NO Starbucks!! Now that Jeromy has finished up his first year in his doctorate program – I fully intend to have a few date nights before his summer sessions start back up. 

We’re busy with softball and big end of the school year reports and essays. Lots of turnover in my little daycare has me advertising again. Sigh. Want to stick with a small group of full timers. Praying it all works out that way for me.