Effective Mothers

Adored this. True. All of it!

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Last year, one of my daughters, who was finishing up an Honours Degree in Religion and applying to Teacher’s College, asked me what I thought were the attributes of an effective teacher for her application. When I first thought about effective teachers, I immediately thought about effective mothers.

One of the best ways to learn how to mother and teach is to remember both the good and poor examples from our own days as children. I remember cringing in fear in the presence of one angry, yelling mum who always seemed at her wits end with the antics of neighbourhood “brats.” However, the mum who actually liked her children’s playmates and listened to them was the mum who did not have problems with the neighbourhood kids.

Mothers must remember what it is like to be small.  A mother is most effective when she lives as a child of God herself because kids learn…

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Mothers Day 

Had a lovely day! Fun phone conversation with my oldest, then after Mass, I spent the day in McMinnville with Jeromy and the 3 younger kids. 

Antiquing, having lunch, visiting the Linfield campus (Jeromy worked there when he graduated from grad school years and years ago) and some wine tasting. We walked by a quilt shop (they were closed) but they had some beautiful quilts in the display windows!