Menu 2/21-2/28

Saturday – white cream, chicken enchiladas with cilantro rice on the side.

Sunday – Rosemary pork loin with green beans & bacon

Monday – pioneer woman’s sour cream noodle bake.

Tuesday – hamburger patty melts w/ iceberg salad wedges & blue cheese

Wednesday – oven chili dogs ( basketball practice night!)

Thursday – pineapple turkey burgers & sweet potato fries

Friday – homemade macaroni & cheese and roasted veggie bake (Lenten meal 😊)



Areas I’m focusing on for Lent this year are:
1) no Facebook
2) more dinners at the table
3) no complaining
4) more praising
5) more journaling
6) more reading
7) less TV
8) kinder/gentle parenting/mothering
9) simpler dinner menus
10) time to care for myself

The kids and I are also doing a prayer chain. Sort of like a Christmas paper chain. One prayer intention to pray over each of the 40 days of Lent.



I can’t believe it, but our youngest son, Nicholas, has turned 11.
He’s such a sweet boy. A lover, not a fighter. Loves all things minecraft and Lego.


One of the things he enjoyed for his special day was a private archery lesson. The instructor let his little sister shoot too, and Nick didn’t mind. Thankfully.





Nick has the BEST belly giggle. It makes all of us laugh out loud. He still has his special blanket, and while home it’s never far from his side. He changes into pj bottoms within the first 5 minutes of getting home from school. He LOVES board games and card games. He loves Star Wars. And although he’ll shrug when we say it’s silent reading time for everyone – he is a fast, voracious reader – going through books and series in a flash.

He loves to snuggle. He sings in the shower, but will tell you he doesn’t. He’s addicted to whole wheat bagels and LOTS of cream cheese. He is a sweet, tender hearted boy. Wears his heart on his sleeve. Loves deeply and always asks for forgiveness if he’s in trouble. He greets everyone, everyday with a smile and cheery hello. He’s a wonderful part of our family.

Happy Birthday, Nicky-Wicky!!!!