Thrifty Tuesday (a day late)

More goodies have been found while thrifting. 

The booties are from Old Navy on clearance. The sweater with shoulder patches is H&M and the Ralph Lauren gingham pink shirt both were under $9 each at thrift stores. The necklace is from items at Michael’s craft store. The jeans are from Costco! 

 This real dress is vintage! $11.99 at the Goodwill. The blazer is from the Goodwill also and I paid $12. The necklace I found for $6.99 and the black wedge shoes I’ve had for a few years. 

The plaid shirt(The Gap), shoes(Liz Claiborne), sage jeans and faux pearls are all thrift finds and the patterned cream sweatshirt is from Costco. 

 Chambray dress (The Gap), burnt orange cardigan (Old Navy), jeweled shoes (Lane Bryant) and faux leopard clutch (Amazon) each item was under $12. Clothes were thrifted. Shoes, clutch & necklace (Target) were new. 


Frugal Fashion Finds

I do buy shoes at thrift sales/stores for myself. For my husband and children, I buy new. My husband splurged on me last year and paid a pretty penny for my beloved black loafers. I adore loafers. 

Clutches and bags! I purchased the sparkle ($2.99) and faux Burberry ($3.99) I’m  not into camo at all, but I know it’s in style. I’m also not huge into animal prints, but I’ll accessorize with a little leopard print. 


I loved the white blazer. Darling, but a tad snug and out of season – so I put it back. He leopard print cardi was too short. Hate that. The mustard coat was also short. I must have a long torso. The pink cardi and blue/white stripe top with elbow and shoulder patches I purchased. Both were $7.99.   
I did not purchase these Blazers. But I might go back! Live a good thick wool blazer, and the romantic vintage lover in me adores the velvet deep green blazer. All were $12.99 each or less. 

Plaid is HUGE this season. I snagged these for our dining table, and to make pillows with. Each was $4.99. 

Some of my jewelry. The majority all thrifted items. Except for the rings and a couple necklaces. The little wood cross box I’ve had since I was baptized. I keep the crucifix necklaces, from my grandma and my children’s grandma from when they were baptized, inside. 

Thrifted shoes doesn’t mean bad quality. If you take the time to look. Old Navy houndstooth, Liz Claiborne red flat, Naturalizer leopard ballet flat, and Lower East Side black patent leather bow flat.  Each pair of shoes was under $12.99
I almost purchased this chair. I do love the green, but I also invision staining the wood darker and slip covering with a white fluffy chenille or faux fur. 

I didn’t purchase this either. But I would replace the glass with mirrors and paint it white. 

A great deal! 8×10 rug for $29. I might go back and grab this for Anna’s bedroom. Or for our laundry room. 

Totally tacky fans! But they could be shabby chic if all painted white or turquoise. Would make an adorable headboard. Didn’t buy them! 

Fantastic condition Ralph Lauren cable sweater in blue. $7.99. Perfect for wearing under a vest with a plaid scarf. 

So, what do you think? What’s your favorite item? What would you do with the furniture pieces differently? 

Thrifty Tuesday

Every Tuesday I plan to post something I personally do to stay thrifty. We have a larger family than most these days (4 children) and so being thrifty is a necessity, but it’s also teaching our children smart budgeting ideas they can use later in life. 

This Tuesday its about fashion. I adore fashion. Always have. I scour Pinterest boards for ideas and then meticulously inch by inch go through thrift stores looking for perfect items to add to my current wardrobe. 

  The striped dress was new with tags at the Goodwill for $6.99. The cardigan is Cold Water Creek and was $12.99 at the Goodwill. The faux pearls were $4.99 at the Goodwill. 
These items were all from Goodwill. Nothing over $12.99. I only purchased the mustard colored dress. Everything else was a bit large.   
The vest ($29.99) I LOVED but the pockets weren’t great (I need a good pocket) I did get the blue shirt with green stripe. Ralph Lauren at TJ Maxx for $19. I didn’t get the sweater. Should’ve. Ha.    
Dress from Burlington Coat Factory for $14.99. Necklace for $3.99 at the Goodwill. 

Thrifting takes time. For fashion, I’m patient because I refuse to pay crazy amounts of money on anything! 

What’s your best thrifty fashion purchase?

Redecorating by shopping my house

I work from home. So I’m here most of the time and I tend to switch things around to keep myself from getting too bored! 

My husband used to not appreciate this about me, but over the many years we’ve been together, he knows that’s it’s my way of expressing myself and caring for our home. 

I’ve painted every single room in our house at least twice. We have a 6 bedroom 3 bathroom home. Not huge in size, about 1880 square feet. It was a tiny little ranch in the 50’s. A back room, bedroom and laundry room were built on in the 70’s. Then again in the 80’s,  4 bedrooms and a bathroom were added upstairs. So basically no flow, but plenty of space for our family of 6 and for my home business. 

This weekend I spent some time cleaning the hutch, the play room and our living room. I still want to switch out my Fiestaware dishes for my Johnson Bros Family Village china, so maybe next weekend I’ll do that. I always do that for Fall and Winter. 

The last remake I did was of our master bedroom. It was white and boring and I painted it navy and changed the accents to gold and yellow. We love it! This weekend I worked on our living room. 

I switched the curtains from the play room to the living room, also switched the area rug. I purchased material to make slipcovers for the couch pillows, and purchased lampshades on clearance and then got a few trinkets at the Goodwill and TJ Maxx. I spent approximately $25 total. 

Here are a few pictures. 


Beauty tip Tuesday 

Conditioning mascara, Bed Head After Party, perfume and Vaseline! 

These are a few of my must haves. I like this mascara (Loreal double extend) because it doesn’t rub off on my skin and it’s easily removed with soap and water – but not just water alone.

 Vaseline is a wonder cream. As a childcare provider, I wash my hands 100 times a day. So at night, I rub Vaseline into my hands and cuticles. Also my feet and then I wear socks to bed. It’s the best skin conditioner. No more rough feet or cracked heels. I also use it on my face for chapped skin if we’re out at a sporting event; I use it on my elbows and knees as well. 

Do you have a signature scent? I’ve been wearing Calvin Klein’s Eternity for more than 25 years. I’m thinking of switching for a little something different. Something a little less powerful! Maybe more feminine and clean smelling. I’m on the hunt for something new. 

I’m also in the ridiculous stage of growing out my bangs. Ugh! Bobby pins are my bestfriends these days. Here’s a poofy shot of my hair after blowing it dry for church (the only day of the week I use a hairdryer). Then I use a flat iron and a dab of Bed Head After Party to smooth the flyaways.