Another foggy morning

Pea soup!! Can’t see across the street kind of fog.

I guess it’s Abigail’s turn to be sick. There has been this awful sinus cold bug going around town. I’m on day 6 of antibiotics myself. Now poor Abbey has it. I’ve rubbed her chest and upper back with Vicks. Given her a decongestant and have covered her up and tucked her back in bed. She’s fast asleep finally after not getting much rest last night.

This week is Catholic School Spirit Week. It’s been fun! Monday was support your favorite college day. And the kids supported The University of Portland (where their Daddy works). Tuesday was Pj day. That’s always a favorite! Today is Hawaiian Day and tomorrow is Dress as Your Favorite Disney character! Here are a few pictures. I made Anna’s Maleficent head piece 😊