Thrifty Tuesday

  Old navy pants and blue top, both clearance and under $8 each. Thrifted NWT vest with faux fur Eddie Bauer and bootie’s from TJ Maxx $29   
Old Navy jeans, sweatshirt with quilted pattern from Costco and thrifted quilted leopard print best thrifted for $6.99. Infinity scarf NWT thrifted for $3.99

Chambray dress thrifted, velvet scarf thrifted and military style jacket thrifted. Wallet clearance from Old Navy $3.99! Shoes thrifted as well. 

Plato’s Closet thrifted dress, pink sweater August Silk, thrifted. Shoes and Wallet from Old Navy clearance or thrifted. 

Jacket thrifted $8.99 I LOVE the jacket! Dark chambray dress Loz Claiborne from outlet store. 

Abbey in her clearance Batman pj’s from TJ Maxx $10 and our doxie Charlie

Our oldest son, Thomas at homecoming with his date. 

Our oldest daughter, Anna. Always reading. 

Our lover bugger, Charlie

Me rewarding myself with dark chocolate after bra shopping. The worst!!


Thrifty Tuesday

I adored these shoes but they were a size too big. Goodwill $7.99  
 Green leopard pants NWT Goodwill $9.99. Thrifted necklace $4.99. 

Have you ever played Splendor before? Such a fun game. It’s our new board game addiction. 

We went to Olympia last weekend for a old professors book reading and stumbled into a little antique store. Great finds!! Wine glasses $9 the blanket was $29 and the thermos was $16

I didn’t purchase the suitcase. Wish I had! 

Thrifted blue gingham top $6.99 and thrifted sweater $11.99 thrifted nwt bag $7.99 and also thrifted brown loafers $6.99. Jeans are from Old Navy. 

Almost purchased these blonde boots and funky cowboy boots. Didn’t. But I might see if they’re still there this weekend. Both were under $19.99

Some from my last thrifting day. Still putting together some outfits for the blog and Instagram account. If you want to follow me there I’m PNWMOM2FOUR

Date night with my honey to see the new Tom Hanks movie at Cinnabar

This is another thrifted outfit. Not positive I like the mix. Grey military jacket, flannel and adorable grey flats.  

Thrifty Tuesday & misc

I got those leopard heels at Plato’s closet for $1!!! The plaid top at Goodwill for $6.99. The cardi from target and the jeans from old navy. Faux pearl necklaces thrifted. 

Got this small deal at the Goodwill for $6.99!!!!!

Turning it into a little vanity for myself in our bedroom. 

 Attempted a new updo for church. Thank goodness for hairspray is all I can say!

Pink old navy top $6 at Plato’s Closet. Necklace from Amazon. 

 Bought some new eye shadow at TJ Maxx. I’m not good at applying it. Here’s a before and after. I felt like I had SO MUCH makeup on. 

Combat boots for my daughter found at Goodwill $7

Our four kids spending time together viewing funny videos via YouTube. 

Scarf from Walmart. Fringe purse from Maurice’s. Necklace and top from Goodwill and grey cardi from Walmart. 

I think this pumpkin is adorable. I might try this on a couple for our porch. 

My son Nick, and our silly dog, Charlie. 

Thrifty Tuesday

Old Navy trench, sweater, polka dot Ralph Lauren top and faux pearl/gold necklace. All items thrifted at Goodwill. Each item under $12.99 

Old Navy jeans (not thrifted) penny loafers (most certainly NOT thrifted) and flannel from TJ Maxx $14.99 and brand new with tags Eddie Bauer vest with faux fur collar at the Goodwill $9.99. Many faux pearl necklaces thrifted. 

I love these Forever 21 earrings $7.99

Leather Jacket said $19.99 on the tag at the Goodwill. Luckily it was half off!! The Limited top $6.99, black booties from TJ Maxx $29.99 and cigarette pants from TJ Maxx. Necklace was thrifted. 

Pants, top, sweater, shoes and necklace all thrifted. 

Do it anyway

This is such a good reminder. The news is so unbearable to watch and it hurts my heart. More shootings, a ship sinking with 33 passengers, etc. I’m trying to be the good. Smile first, be gracious, hold my tongue more (hard for me to do!) and love on my children and daycare children more than usual. 

 We had our first Middle School youth group yesterday. Fun times! Small group so far, but I have faith it will grow. 

This is a group of sisters and best friends. Anna and Abbey. Haley and Carmen. Mary and Anabelle. Our house tends to be the usual sleepover place. I don’t mind one little bit. 

I asked Nicholas to go get carrots from the garage fridge for their lunches and he came in like his. “I’m Wolverine!!” He yelled. Ha!

A quiet night sipping te (hello Fall!) and reading. I’m currently reading Love Anthony by Lisa Genova. Heartbreaking story about autism. 

Our Charlie boy had surgery last week. Hasn’t slowed him down at all! Such joy and love this little pup has brought into our house. 

Have a lovely week! Go spread Gods love and cheer.