Weekend sewing

Finished a sweet reversible flannel and knit hat for Abigail. Using leftover flannel from a blanket and a old sweater vest that I haven’t worn. 

Finished another warm blanket for my Etsy shop. 

Found these vintage lined curtains for $7 at the Goodwill. I had to have them! They look fantastic in our bedroom. 

Made Anna some pj bottoms from a free pdf pattern I found on Pinterest. I added some length to the original pattern. 

While browsing at some antique shops this weekend, I came across these three vintage dresses that would be fun to recreate. 


Spring time softball, sun and dolls!

Finished a Little House on the Prairie peg doll set for the shop.   
Going to really start protecting my skin from the sun. I’m fairly fair skinned and have noticed more freckles and whatnot. Time to really cover up. 

This was before I put the gloss on the dolls. 

The kids and I making a bigger effort to eat at the table! 

Adore this book!!! Written a good 20 years ago but so relevant for today. Good pieces of advice and lots of wisdom. 

Softball season!! Abbey is the starting pitcher for the Bulldogs. 

Here she is at bat!

The girls and I on the way to Abbey’s first game. 

Game face!


I saw this on Instagram and though what a wonderful way to “check” yourself at the end of the day. I’m going to type it out and use this myself. 


   Finishing a blanket for my Etsy shop and snapped a sewing machine needle. I hate it when that happens. 


I’ve been slacking in the meal planning lately. So I’m back at it!
Abbey and her friend, Alex. Enjoying the warm spring day playing in the mud. 


Took this picture on my walk this morning. How glorious Spring is to me!
Even have the sunroof open!!


More mud play. 
The best way to relax in my opinion. All the ball field watching my softball girl and sitting back and crocheting.