New Job. Sort of. 

So, back in September of 2016 I closed my daycare. I had been running the daycare for almost 15 years. I was burned out and thinking a job outside of the home would be the ticket. Wrong. I HATED it. I really did. I missed the little kids so much. I missed being at home. I hated having adult coworkers and dealing with all their bs and office politic garbage. Not for me!!

So I left that job, and am watching a couple previous daycare children again. I’m keeping it super low, not reinstating my license or enrolling in the federal food program. Here in Oregon I can watch 3 children that are not mine, and still be following the childcare laws. 

I am OVER the moon happy to be home again.  My husband bought me the print below for my birthday. I’ve loved it for years, as it was in a old antique shop that I love. 


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