Growing older

Thomas. Still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that he’s graduating from high school in June. 

He’s at that age where he thinks he knows what he wants in his future, but is a little scared about the steps it will take. 

I hold my breath. As his Mother, my hopes and dreams for him have changed and grown and settled over the years. Happiness. Contentment. Peace. Drive. Challenging. The road less taken. I want all of that and more for him. 

I pray nightly for his peace and for his future. Silent tears often roll down my face. Gosh, it went by so fast. Did I do everything I could’ve for him? Did I try hard enough? Love him enough? Discipline him enough? Give him enough space? The questions and what if’s go around and around in my head without ever finding answers. 

Oh, how I have prayed for this boy. I don’t imagine I’ll ever stop. 💗


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