My Birthday 

Yesterday I turned 43! After work we had a lovely time! Went to the mall and my honey indulged me in some wonderful and luxurious creams and lotions from Nordstroms. Then to the Cheesecake Factory where we had a delicious and fun dinner. Eggplant Parmesan for me, after all it was a Friday during Lent! 

Some random group sang Happy Birthday to me in the mall. It was hilarious. I think they were a youth group doing a scavenger hunt. Then the restaurant staff also sung.  The kids laughed and had a wonderful time. Thomas called me as we were walking out the door, so it was nice to feel that all 4 kids were with me. 

My honey definitely spoils me. Not only on my birthday, either!



3 thoughts on “My Birthday 

  1. Wait a minute…you mean we share the same birthday???!!! Girl! How totally cool is that?! Happy birthday to you and may you have another year filled with abundant blessings! P.S. Do you know that the ONLY day of the year that gives a command is our birthday? March fourth (forth)? LOL

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