Little by little I’m learning a few new stitches. I search Pinterest, then watch YouTube videos and teach myself that way! Some have been a little tricky, while others have been easier to figure out. 

This is a bubble stitch. Don’t mind Charlie. Ha. He’s exhausted and taking a snooze. I think this stitch, especially because of this color, rsekbkes rosebuds. 

 His black multi is a regular single and double stich. 


The lime blanket is a star stich and a regular double stich. Alternated. 

My plan, once I finish all the crocheted blankets. Is to make a quilt for each one. See them together and bind with ribbon and hopefully sell on Etsy. As a hobby. I would just like to make enough to buy my yarn. 

In the meantime I’m crocheting away and dreaming up quilt tops. I’ve already accumulated a lot of cosy, sweet material for the quits. 


Now I need to dream up a fun name for my shop 🎀☕️


3 thoughts on “Crochet 

  1. I used YouTube to learn how to crochet (and knit!) as well. I decided to buy a couple stitch-ionaries later, but basically everything else came from YouTube. 🙂

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