Thomas turns 18

I’ve been looking forward to this coming long weekend. Thomas is coming home and my husband doesn’t have to work! Yay! We’ll be celebrating Thomas’s 18th birthday and Nick’s 12th birthday (a little early). 

Thomas and I a few days after he was born. I can’t believe he’s 18. 

He played baseball almost every year since he was 3. 

 The Fab Four on Easter many years ago. 

Playing in the sand at Cannon Beach. 

The Fab Four at the beach many summers ago. 

The kids and I went fishing in Sandy, OR. 

The Fab Four at Cannon Beach downtown shopping. 

Last Easter doing their eggs. 

Jeromy and Thomas playing baseball in our old Lacey, WA house. 

Thomas and I 

Handsome boy on vacation when we were in Sunriver

The year he played middle school football. His admiring siblings. Ha.  

One of his senior pictures. I love this blue eyes boy more than almost anything. He’s already got the paperwork filled out to join the coast guard when he graduates in June. He’s my heart. 


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