Trim Healthy Mama recap

I’ve purchased a lot of the special ingredients and am getting the hang of a few of their recipes. I can honestly say, I have SO much more energy and it’s wonderful.    
I’m glad my husband is doing this with me. The children eat whatever I make for dinner. So they’re in part, doing it also. I never make separate meals. Our oldest daughter even enjoys the strawberry cheesecake shake, and will come home from school and make one for herself. 

We’ve cut out alcohol and I honestly don’t miss it. I think there’s a light beer that we could have every now and again, if we really wanted. I think a small glass of red wine is also approved and fine.  For now we’ve just cut it out. I love the GGMS and the Shrinker. My husband hasn’t got the taste of any of the Trim Healthy Mama drinks. So he’s sticking to water. 

The kids had some friends spend the night last weekend. So I put out this breakfast for them. I didn’t eat one bite or drink any oj. Small victories!!


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