I have a confession

I was listening to a wonderful Podcast about money from Sterling Jaquith the other day and suddenly felt inspired myself. 

I have a love of books and Amazon prime. It’s just a click of the mouse. So easy. I don’t have to leave my house. The books are delivered free of charge and I only have to wait a day or two. Instant!!

It’s too easy. Too convenient. It’s also a detriment to our discretionary funds. Eek. But true. I think to myself that $20 here and there is no big deal. I’ll just take it from the grocery budget. Or whatever. So I do. My book buying habit has never put us in financial jeopardy. But, I do see if I set that same amount aside, we’d have a very nice account for Christmas. Or vacation. 

The truth is, I have enough books to read to last me a good year. At least. 

So that’s what my goal is. No buying books for myself until Christmas 2017. I’ll make a wish list and share with my husband or mom in case they want to gift me a book for my birthday. It will be a way for me to save money and delay that instant gratification that seems to become so habit forming. 

So, thank you Sterling for that podcast. It really spoke to me! I love being inspired like that to make positive changes. Better yet, it’s a lesson to my children as well. If Mom can do it, so can they!



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