Home & Heart

 My husband and I last Sunday before Mass. He’s a Director at a Catholic University and a doctoral student at night. When he’s home and able to attend Mass with us, I’m so happy!   
Miss Anna wore those fun earrings from Forever 21 to Mass. On the way there (we walk to church on Sunday’s) her little sister informed her they were too grown up for her to be wearing. So sweet. I let her. It was cute. I haven’t even worn them yet!    
I finished reading Patron Saint of Liars by Ann Patchett. So good!! Just started this by Joyce Carol Oats. 


Sweet Abigail in a bubble bath. Doesn’t happen much anymore as she’s now 10. I enjoy sitting in there and listening to her talk about random things. 
Sweet Charlie boy got a new sweater. Hearts and reindeer. 


Anna sled if she could play in my makeup. So I said OK. Learning to say yes to her requests more often. 13 is such an emotional age for girls. 
Make this Pork Marsala!! You won’t regret it’s. Delicious. Even my picky eater ate all of it!


This was before covering the pork and cooking for a hour or so. Out the Dijon in at the very end. 
This is the finished recipe of the Meat and Potato casserole. I served this to daycare for lunch, then my honey ate the leftovers. Very tasty!


I always use ground turkey. We don’t eat much red meat. When we do its for beef tips and gravy or a marinated flank. Everything else is chicken, turkey or fish. 

White bean soup. Very good! Two of the kids ate it, but didn’t like it much. The rest of us enjoyed it. Good on a cold fall day. 

I just started this book in preparation for Marian consecration. I’m really looking forward to this retreat. Even better for me that it’s a do it yourself!

Anna scored a 3 pointer in her basketball game today! Nothing but net! Swoosh!! 

It was science night at scouts tonight for Nick. Very fun!!

Sweet Nick helping Abbey with math. I’m no help. These kids are taught a completely different way then how I learned. Thankful he’s willing to help when both Abbey and I are stuck! 

So thankful for each day and for His mercies! 


2 thoughts on “Home & Heart

  1. Lovely post. It’s always fun to have a view into someone’s life; to see how things are going. Beautiful thoughts here. I agree, saying yes more to a 13 year is good. There are also so many great moments to discuss things together, to get her opinion. I hope you enjoy your spiritual retreat. I’ve enjoyed mine so far. My hubs is doing it alone with me. Have a great end of your week!

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