Thrifty Tuesday

  Old navy pants and blue top, both clearance and under $8 each. Thrifted NWT vest with faux fur Eddie Bauer and bootie’s from TJ Maxx $29   
Old Navy jeans, sweatshirt with quilted pattern from Costco and thrifted quilted leopard print best thrifted for $6.99. Infinity scarf NWT thrifted for $3.99

Chambray dress thrifted, velvet scarf thrifted and military style jacket thrifted. Wallet clearance from Old Navy $3.99! Shoes thrifted as well. 

Plato’s Closet thrifted dress, pink sweater August Silk, thrifted. Shoes and Wallet from Old Navy clearance or thrifted. 

Jacket thrifted $8.99 I LOVE the jacket! Dark chambray dress Loz Claiborne from outlet store. 

Abbey in her clearance Batman pj’s from TJ Maxx $10 and our doxie Charlie

Our oldest son, Thomas at homecoming with his date. 

Our oldest daughter, Anna. Always reading. 

Our lover bugger, Charlie

Me rewarding myself with dark chocolate after bra shopping. The worst!!


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