Thrifty Tuesday

I adored these shoes but they were a size too big. Goodwill $7.99  
 Green leopard pants NWT Goodwill $9.99. Thrifted necklace $4.99. 

Have you ever played Splendor before? Such a fun game. It’s our new board game addiction. 

We went to Olympia last weekend for a old professors book reading and stumbled into a little antique store. Great finds!! Wine glasses $9 the blanket was $29 and the thermos was $16

I didn’t purchase the suitcase. Wish I had! 

Thrifted blue gingham top $6.99 and thrifted sweater $11.99 thrifted nwt bag $7.99 and also thrifted brown loafers $6.99. Jeans are from Old Navy. 

Almost purchased these blonde boots and funky cowboy boots. Didn’t. But I might see if they’re still there this weekend. Both were under $19.99

Some from my last thrifting day. Still putting together some outfits for the blog and Instagram account. If you want to follow me there I’m PNWMOM2FOUR

Date night with my honey to see the new Tom Hanks movie at Cinnabar

This is another thrifted outfit. Not positive I like the mix. Grey military jacket, flannel and adorable grey flats.  


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