Thrifty Tuesday & misc

I got those leopard heels at Plato’s closet for $1!!! The plaid top at Goodwill for $6.99. The cardi from target and the jeans from old navy. Faux pearl necklaces thrifted. 

Got this small deal at the Goodwill for $6.99!!!!!

Turning it into a little vanity for myself in our bedroom. 

 Attempted a new updo for church. Thank goodness for hairspray is all I can say!

Pink old navy top $6 at Plato’s Closet. Necklace from Amazon. 

 Bought some new eye shadow at TJ Maxx. I’m not good at applying it. Here’s a before and after. I felt like I had SO MUCH makeup on. 

Combat boots for my daughter found at Goodwill $7

Our four kids spending time together viewing funny videos via YouTube. 

Scarf from Walmart. Fringe purse from Maurice’s. Necklace and top from Goodwill and grey cardi from Walmart. 

I think this pumpkin is adorable. I might try this on a couple for our porch. 

My son Nick, and our silly dog, Charlie. 


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