Thrifty Tuesday

Old Navy trench, sweater, polka dot Ralph Lauren top and faux pearl/gold necklace. All items thrifted at Goodwill. Each item under $12.99 

Old Navy jeans (not thrifted) penny loafers (most certainly NOT thrifted) and flannel from TJ Maxx $14.99 and brand new with tags Eddie Bauer vest with faux fur collar at the Goodwill $9.99. Many faux pearl necklaces thrifted. 

I love these Forever 21 earrings $7.99

Leather Jacket said $19.99 on the tag at the Goodwill. Luckily it was half off!! The Limited top $6.99, black booties from TJ Maxx $29.99 and cigarette pants from TJ Maxx. Necklace was thrifted. 

Pants, top, sweater, shoes and necklace all thrifted. 


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