Do it anyway

This is such a good reminder. The news is so unbearable to watch and it hurts my heart. More shootings, a ship sinking with 33 passengers, etc. I’m trying to be the good. Smile first, be gracious, hold my tongue more (hard for me to do!) and love on my children and daycare children more than usual. 

 We had our first Middle School youth group yesterday. Fun times! Small group so far, but I have faith it will grow. 

This is a group of sisters and best friends. Anna and Abbey. Haley and Carmen. Mary and Anabelle. Our house tends to be the usual sleepover place. I don’t mind one little bit. 

I asked Nicholas to go get carrots from the garage fridge for their lunches and he came in like his. “I’m Wolverine!!” He yelled. Ha!

A quiet night sipping te (hello Fall!) and reading. I’m currently reading Love Anthony by Lisa Genova. Heartbreaking story about autism. 

Our Charlie boy had surgery last week. Hasn’t slowed him down at all! Such joy and love this little pup has brought into our house. 

Have a lovely week! Go spread Gods love and cheer. 


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