Thrifty Tuesday (a day late)

More goodies have been found while thrifting. 

The booties are from Old Navy on clearance. The sweater with shoulder patches is H&M and the Ralph Lauren gingham pink shirt both were under $9 each at thrift stores. The necklace is from items at Michael’s craft store. The jeans are from Costco! 

 This real dress is vintage! $11.99 at the Goodwill. The blazer is from the Goodwill also and I paid $12. The necklace I found for $6.99 and the black wedge shoes I’ve had for a few years. 

The plaid shirt(The Gap), shoes(Liz Claiborne), sage jeans and faux pearls are all thrift finds and the patterned cream sweatshirt is from Costco. 

 Chambray dress (The Gap), burnt orange cardigan (Old Navy), jeweled shoes (Lane Bryant) and faux leopard clutch (Amazon) each item was under $12. Clothes were thrifted. Shoes, clutch & necklace (Target) were new. 


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