Redecorating by shopping my house

I work from home. So I’m here most of the time and I tend to switch things around to keep myself from getting too bored! 

My husband used to not appreciate this about me, but over the many years we’ve been together, he knows that’s it’s my way of expressing myself and caring for our home. 

I’ve painted every single room in our house at least twice. We have a 6 bedroom 3 bathroom home. Not huge in size, about 1880 square feet. It was a tiny little ranch in the 50’s. A back room, bedroom and laundry room were built on in the 70’s. Then again in the 80’s,  4 bedrooms and a bathroom were added upstairs. So basically no flow, but plenty of space for our family of 6 and for my home business. 

This weekend I spent some time cleaning the hutch, the play room and our living room. I still want to switch out my Fiestaware dishes for my Johnson Bros Family Village china, so maybe next weekend I’ll do that. I always do that for Fall and Winter. 

The last remake I did was of our master bedroom. It was white and boring and I painted it navy and changed the accents to gold and yellow. We love it! This weekend I worked on our living room. 

I switched the curtains from the play room to the living room, also switched the area rug. I purchased material to make slipcovers for the couch pillows, and purchased lampshades on clearance and then got a few trinkets at the Goodwill and TJ Maxx. I spent approximately $25 total. 

Here are a few pictures. 



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