Positively lighter

The above is SO true!! I was feeling so drained and negative a few months ago. Made some changes, and I feel SO much lighter and happier. I have family and friends I care about, but their negativity and overly anxious fretting can no longer drain me. I distanced myself. 

Have you noticed some people are always complaining or worried sick over things. It is so damaging to a persons self being. Yes, we all have complaints from time to time, things bother me too – but to be constantly complaining and behaving as if something earth shattering is about to happen – is too much for me. I’ve noticed some people really feed off that kind of energy. It’s like a drug. They can’t get enough. They see a news report, or Facebook article or aomething and they kick into high gear and emotional stress overload. Making these heartfelt drawn out cries for help in personal posts. To the point that you think something is actually wrong – but the reality is, it’s just the FEAR of something that COULD go wrong. Everything is actually just fine. 

I don’t believe ignorance is bliss either, but I think if we focus on every negative feeling or thought we have – there isn’t time to enjoy the life we have. I’m so much happier now. The people I choose to surround myself with are not consumed with the negative what if’s. 

I truly feel and believe that God knows what He is doing. I feel calm and peaceful when I focus on the belief that He has our best interest at heart, and that no matter what comes up; we will get through it with His love and guidance. 



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