Today . . . 

Outside my window: Charlie is eating my flowers. 

 I am thinking: About our vacation and spending time with the kids and Jeromy without any obligations. 

I am thankful: That things always work out for the good. I am thankful for the time and space to see the bigger picture and not worry. 

I am wearing: Capri’s and a tshirt 

I am creating: a summer reading chart for the kids. 

I am going: to the library to find books for Anna & Abbey. Nick already has a few at home he can read. 

I am wondering: why so many “Christians” are spewing hate on social media. From the Duggar’s to Bruce Jenner and everything in between. 

I am reading: The Kindness Diaries by Leon Logothetis.  A Year of Biblical Womanhood by Rachel Held Evans, and The Discipline of Grace by Jerry Bridges. I am also reading This is the Story of a Happy Marriage by Ann Patchett for book group. 

I am hoping: To travel to see family. My grandmothers mostly, but everyone else as well. Maybe in July we can go north to visit. 

I am learning: To bite my tongue more! Important when two of our children are teenagers and have so many emotions and moods swirling. I think it’s hard for me but I’m learning to listen more and speak less. I always want to interject, which I hate, but I’m finally learning what a blessing it is to keep quiet and listen more. I use my journal more for writing out my thoughts. 


In my garden: We have strawberries and flowers blooming everywhere. Roses are dying and geraniums are growing to gargantuan sizes!


In my kitchen: I have a lot of fruit and Gatorade. Softball is winding down but we have possibly 4 games this week. Today is going to be in the mid 90’s so Gatorade is a must! Watermelons, berries, crisp apples and juicy grapes. Plus lots of Popsicles in the freezer. 



2 thoughts on “Today . . . 

  1. The flowers look bright and cheery! I can imagine drinking a cup of coffee on the steps in the early morning hours. 🙂
    Biting my tongue. Always a work in progress for me, in particular, around my teenage daughters. How amazing the words, “I love you” can bring so much happiness to a tense-filled moment!

    The strawberries look delicious, and the roses dying? Like diseased dying? I pray it is not that Rose Rosette Virus that has plagued our area of the country.

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