Into the rhythm

Now that my work schedule has changed (woohoooo!!!) I’m able to easily fit in exercise. I’m loving this part the most.


Our book group is in a bit of a lull. Three books were chosen last, and I just couldn’t get into them. Other than O Pioneers! By Willa Cather. Which was sweet and short. The others were To Sir With Love by E.R Braithwaite and As The Crow Flies by Jeffrey Archer. The book by Archer wasn’t bad, but I didn’t feel invested in the characters much, so it sort of drug along for me.

I’m going to try and read the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. I love series! I also want to re-read the Into The Wilderness series by Sara Donati into the wilderness

I’ve picked up this cookbook from the library. As I’ve heard many wonderful things a bout it.


Last weekend Anna had her first fast pitch games. A fun day, even though both games they lost.


I’m happy to have made dinner at the table a priority again. Seems in the summer we were all over the place. It’s my one goal this school year. Regardless of who’s absent that night for work or sports. Last night I made a delicious chicken cordon bleu recipe. Good!



2 thoughts on “Into the rhythm

  1. Go you!! I am so inspired by all your walking and exercise! I’ve been striving for this myself, Mon-Fri at least. And that chicken dish looks fantastic. I’m feeling similarly about book group….I could not get into the Archer book, O Pioneers was good but super sad, and I liked To Sir quite a lot. Ready for something with a happy ending somehow though. Guess that’s why I love YA books so much. I do need to try Outlander again—started it but was interrupted by trying to join the Marine Corps and need to just restart. Sara Donati’s series is fantastic!!!

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