Trim Healthy Mama

Have you heard of it?! Probably so. It’s everywhere it seems. My Mom got me the book for my birthday, and although I read continuously – I’ll admit the size of this book and all the info inside – overwhelmed me at first. So I joined a few Facebook groups and started reading threads. Slowly, I think it’s starting to sink in. It’s all about insulin levels and how that affects your body, carbs, and eating healthy – every 3 hours.

It’s a little costly, accruing all the needed pantry items – but I read they last a long time. I’m doing this for myself, and for my husband. We both need to lose some weight.

I’ve tried the cheeseburger pie, baked oatmeal, hamburger patty & broccoli, peanut sauce, egg white omlettes, and all have been delicious and have left me full.

Yes, exercising and counting calories was working – but I was turning into a anxious food worrier. Counting every single calorie and fat gram and honestly – it wasn’t fun and it’s not how I want to spend my day.

So, I’m giving this a try. Cuts out “white stuff”, and the S and E meals are to be alternated to ensure a balanced “diet”. Though, I’ll be honest – it does not feel like a diet. I’m satisfied and have not had any strong cravings. I even get to put heavy cream in my coffee!!

So, I’ve been tinkering with it this past week and plan on going full steam ahead effective April 10th. My goal is to weight myself only once every two weeks. I prefer to see the numbers – measuring doesn’t motivate me. Ha.



7 thoughts on “Trim Healthy Mama

  1. Good luck! I lost 30 pounds on THM. Then I stalled, and now I am pregnant, but this fall/winter, I want to get serious about it again and lose the rest of the weight I need to lose.

    I am all about the numbers on the scale, but please take your measurements, too. It’s fun to see those inches go, too.

  2. would love an update. I am trying to lose some pounds. I am going to keep track of what I do on my blog. It maybe the only way I actually stay truthful/faithful to my goal.

      1. I am trying to do exercise only at this point! Watching calories has never been something I could do ever! I always applaud people in their devotion to it! I am particularly going to work my transverse abdominal muscles. I just learned that it is probably where I am having the most problems. (stomach area) And, have been told that sit ups create division in those muscles, for woman that have had babies, which has probably been my problem from the one set! It would help also if I would cut my sodas! Errr! I am trying to keep track on my blog. A little more opened than I want to be but accountability is my issue as well and if I blog it, I will do it.

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