Week #4 & misc

We’ll, I’m at the same weight. Fine with me, as I took a few days off from working out and maybe didn’t eat within my calorie goals. It’s going to be up and down, and I’m ok with that – as long as I keep at it and don’t throw in the towel.

I’m getting bored with the treadmill, so a good friend introduced me to POP Pilates videos on YouTube. Oh my goodness!! Owie ouch, that girl is killer!! Some great workouts that I don’t really have the strength or stamina for (yet), but I can do them at my own pace as I get stronger.

I’m eating pretty healthy, but I don’t think I have the carb thing figured out – because I’m hungry in the evenings. Late night snacking is hard to give up. I’ve done pretty good, but it’s really hard.

I’m more than hallway done with reading The Book Thief. It took me a while to get into it, but I’m enjoying it – and am worried about a sad ending! This is silly, but the main character is named Liesel, and I can’t stop thinking of the young sweet faced Liesel in The Sound of Music.

I’m still loving the book Loving Our Kids On Purpose by Danny Silk. I don’t necessarily agree 100% with any parenting book, but I am able to usually find a few diamonds in the rough, pebbles of wisdom, ah ha moments – where I think, “wow!, why didn’t I think of doing that or responding like that ?” I tend to react more than, stop and think – not the most effective way to parent children (in my opinion). It’s a little difficult at times for me, because my husband and I parent differently than my ex-husband and his wife. So when it comes to my oldest, it can get tricky! It’s difficult to feel like you have zero control in the outcome of a parenting situation.

“We need to learn how to be OK no matter what they do. When we are successful in doing that, it’s not such a hurdle for them to get over their experience with us and move into the truth”

“Jesus promoted relationships above the rules. Love and relationship are the bottom line of the Kingdom, and they must be ours if we wish to establish a Kingdom culture in our homes”

I don’t know that we are trying to establish a kingdom culture in our home, but I do want to believe and have our children feel, that our relationships are more important and meaningful, than punishment is for a wrong doing.

Here are some pictures from the past several days.














5 thoughts on “Week #4 & misc

  1. You’re so right, late night carb snacking is HARD to give up! But you’re on the right track. Your attitude about the process taking time is beautiful, too. Keep it up, gal 🙂

  2. You already know I’m partial to the name Liesl. 🙂 Hope your book ends happily.
    Good words on parenting and stuff.
    Dan has been doing low carb dieting and lost 23 lbs. so far, but I think it would be very hard for me to do. My hat is off to you. Wishing you the best, my busy friend. Oh…your garden pictures make me so jealous. I can’t imagine digging in the dirt in Jan.

  3. You’re looking awesome and I feel you motivating me with your attitude and determination as I see your updates on Instagram and here!! I’ve joined a gym and am trying to get into a routine of going.. It’s tough when it’s freezing out and the thought of going anywhere in the morning is so not appealing. But I want this to be the year those extra 15 pounds of baby fat comes off!!! :))

    I’m reading the book thief too.. I’m hiding my breath because everyone who’s read it says they cry at the end!

    And funny.. I think of liesl too from sound of music- running around the gazebo singing, “I am sixteen going on seventeen..” :))

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