Clearing the fog

My brain can’t think straight right now. So I’m going to list it out.
1) some people just stink. Period. They won’t change. I know that. Move on.
2) getting back into shape is HARD. Do it anyways.
3) potato chips are the enemy.
4) do what you can today.
5) every. single. day.
6) be patient
7) it’s OK to let it go
8) be there in the end, because eventually he’ll grow up and look back
9) less everything, more Him
10) the idea is nice, but it’s not your reality

I’m struggling with a few things. I’m thankful, however, that at night (because of working out), I’m actually sleeping. I’m tired, my determination is wavering daily, I’m exasperated, co parenting with my ex husband is draining, thank goodness I don’t mind being the “bad guy”. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh.

What helps? Pulling back. Retreating a little. Needing some space. Needing fresh air.


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