Week #3

The good:

1) I’m eating breakfast! On a regular basis! Amazing. I have NEVER been a breakfast person. I like breakfast food, I just don’t like eating it in the morning. I enjoy coffee for breakfast. Ha ha. Not exactly a good way to get the metabolism going!

2) I have a TON of energy during the day. This is also amazing. I (obviously by my blog name) am a Mom to 4 children (16,11,9,&8) and I run a home daycare – with anywhere from 4-8 additional children, Monday through Friday for a good 10-11 hours a day. So, yes, I’m generally BEAT and pretty exhausted. No more!!!

3) I SLEEP at night. Oh my goodness. This is probably the BIGGEST most FANTASTIC thing that has changed for me. I used to toss and turn all.night.long. it was terrible. Now, I go to bed and read for a little bit (like always) and literally crash. I sleep probably at least 5 hours straight without waking. Which is a huge change for me.

4) My husband is inspired and joining me! Yahoooy!!! I love him to pieces and pieces and pieces. He is, by far, my biggest supporter (outside of our children who are also rooting for me and check in with me daily about my working out and eating process! – even Thomas will text me words of encouragement!!) He is working out more, and is willing to eat whatever I put on his plate. No complaints. Except for one little tiny one – he really, really misses soda pop!

5) I’ve lost 10 pounds since Christmas! Woohoo!!!!

The bad:

1) I have to go to the bathroom, like every  15 minutes. Seriously. Who knew this much water would do this to my system? My sister in law (Joy) is a HUGE water drinker, and her skin and body show it. She’s a beautiful woman – and I’m inspired by her to drink more water. However, she warned me that even as my body gets used to being flooded with my water in-take, my body will not “get used” per se, to it . Which means, I’ll still have to go potty – a lot. Can I just add -that after having 4 children naturally – my bladder cannot seriously hold it for very long! So, I’m super thankful I work from home – and am by a bathroom all day! Ha.

In the last 23 days, I’ve worked out 18 of them! At least 30 minutes of something. The treadmill, Just Dance on the Wii or walking outside on the weekends. I cannot wait for it to be lighter outside earlier! I’m looking for some new kind of dvd to exercise to – I’m getting a bit bored. I also really, really want a heart monitor watch. I want to dance like crazy, or go out running/walking and KNOW for SURE how many minutes and calories I’m working off! So, I think I’ll get one of those in February.

This weekend will be so much fun, and I’m so looking forward to it! Tonight Thomas comes home for the 3 day weekend. Yahooo! Saturday we have 3 basketball games, basketball pictures and a family game night at my in-laws. Sunday we’re celebrating Thomas turning 16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then that afternoon the SEAHAWKS are on. Yahoo!! Anna also has to wrap up her big science project and I plan on finishing Sweet Sue’s Adventures with Abigail. Nick has also requested that we play a few board games at home – in addition to family game night at Grandma and Papa’s. That boy would play board games every single day all day long if he could! Love that.












2 thoughts on “Week #3

  1. We’ll both be watching the super bowl, I assume, and rooting for opposite teams! 😀
    You’re looking good these days! Your hard work WILL pay off!!

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