More freezer cooking & daycare crafts

I think I’m addicted! It’s so fun, and very rewarding to see the food stack up in our freezer. It’s not that hard, or time consuming – once you get the hang of it.

I’ve made beef enchiladas and  ground turkey greek meatballs this week so far. This weekend I plan on making spinach lasagna roll-ups, margarita chicken, dijon pork chops, and taco soup. I know dairy and potatoes do not freeze well, so I’m making sure not to do any meals with those ingredients. Although, I’m thinking about trying twice baked potatoes. Maybe if they’re eaten within a couple months the potatoes don’t come out like leather? I can try. Twice baked potatoes seem to take a longer time to prepare, so it would be great to have a couple ziploc bags of them in the freezer!

The enchiladas I make have:

1) ground beef

2) cumin & black pepper

3) can green chili

4) diced onion & 1 garlic clove

Brown the meat and set aside. Fry each corn tortilla a few seconds on each side. I’ve used regular veg oil and I’ve also used coconut oil. I put a bit of the meat in the tortilla, roll it up, and place it on a lined cooked sheet fold size down. Do that until you’re out of supplies. Then flash freeze. Once frozen, remove and place in ziploc bags and toss in the freezer. This works much better for me than freezing a huge pan of them – because on nights my husband works late, the kids and I would not be able to eat an entire pan of these. I only take out 6 to 8 enchiladas to heat in the oven with enchilada sauce and cheese.

The greek meatballs:

1) 2 pounds ground turkey (not the super lean – you need a little fat!)

2) garlic & diced onion

3) Cavender’s greek seasoning (low sodium)

4) cumin

5) fresh chopped cilantro

6) breadcrumbs

7) 1 egg

Mix everything up (don’t over mix or you’ll end up with hard meatballs – yuck!) and use a small cookie scoop to measure out meatballs. Go through the entire bowl like this, lining them on a cookie sheet. Then roll each one between your hands to form a more unified meatball shape. Bake about 20-25 min at 350 degrees. Cool slightly, then flash freeze. Place in ziploc baggies and toss in the freezer. I didn’t list measurements on the ingredients because I think it’s a personal preference kind of thing. We love cilantro, but these taste just fine without that. Don’t add too much garlic or cumin – they can overpower the greek seasoning. We eat these with rice, or buttered noodles or even in lettuce cups with homemade tzatziki sauce. Yum!!


It’s November, which means a new month with a new theme for daycare books & crafts. Each week I pick a book or two to read, and read, and read – then base a few crafts on the story. The kids LOVE doing crafts. Me too!

Here are a few we’ve worked on so far for November.










5 thoughts on “More freezer cooking & daycare crafts

  1. Love the footprint/handprint turkey craft! And you’re awesome stocking your freezer with all of those meals….I have some in there right now but you can never have too many freezer meals.:) Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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