Meal planning & freezer cooking

Another busy weekend at our house! My husband took about 100 students to the Blazer’s game on Friday night in Portland, then went back to campus afterwards to supervise the Pilots after Dark event with the live band! He’s a busy man. Anna was at a sleepover, after basketball, so the other kids and I hung out at home and got things done around the house.

My plan was freezer meals! Of which, I’ve never done before – but have done countless reading and searching on the internet about! I have a teeny tiny kitchen – but I thought- well heck, I feed up to 11 kids a day from that little kitchen, not to mention my own family of 6. So, although I am very short on counter space, I decided to give it a try.

I did not take pictures of the during process. Next time I will. I basically did what my Mom always told me to do – cleaned as you go! Otherwise I had NO room!

I made:

1) 3 trays of taco stuffed jumbo shells

2) 2 dozen sausage, cheese and egg breakfast burritos

3) 2 different marinated pork roasts. One in bbq sauce and brown sugar, the other in balsamic vinegar, olive oil, garlic and rosemary

4) beef tips and gravy

5) 2 ziploc bags of marinated chicken legs in soy sauce, orange juice and peach jam

Today I’m making beef enchiladas and ground turkey greek meatballs to put in the freezer as well. I’m going to flash freeze the enchiladas without being in the sauce. Soggy. I hate soggy tortillas!! I’m going to cook the meatballs, then flash freeze on a cookie sheet. Toss in a ziplock baggie -and toss in the freezer. Easy peasy. I’m so excited to have my freezer stocked up!

Anna started playing basketball for St. Luke. Her first sport EVER!!! Her games are at 5pm. Not ideal for the working parents! So my plan is to have a freezer full of food, so I can thaw something and toss in the oven while we’re working on homework or showers, or whatever after school and activities.

My husband worked the rest of the weekend outside. Not his favorite, but I’m so pleased with how everything looks! He got up on our roof and cleaned the moss off, cleaned out gutters, and pressure washed the drive way. It was all much needed, since we have two huge pine trees that make a mess of things.

I took Monday off work. Lovely idea that was!! I took the children up to Portland to campus to have lunch with my husband. It’s always such a treat when we get to do that. The campus was full of students, and our kids just love to people watch and daydream out loud about when they’ll be students there. *crossing my fingers* *wink*

Church on Sunday was a hoot. Anna and Nicholas are altar servers every week. Mostly they do well, but this Sunday – good Lordy!! Winking, smiling, yawning without covering their mouths, elbowing each other, giving a dirty look, etc. YIKES!! I’m so glad our parish is well humored, and loves our family – because those two were in rare form during Mass.

With all the freezer meal cooking, I completely neglected the laundry room. Oh how happy I am to have an actually ROOM for laundry. However, it is at times all too easy to close the door and walk away and forget what is lurking in there. Case in point. Here is a before and after picture! Ha. I spend allllllllll day yesterday doing laundry, sweeping floors, scrubbing out the shower. Fun stuff. Not. Ha ha. I’m very glad I had time to actually get to all of it though. That was great.

Our family pictures are back! The kids took some lovely pictures. I’m not including the full family picture until after we mail our Christmas cards though – so sorry! You’ll have to wait to see that one 🙂

Anna has her first basketball game tonight. I’m SO excited to watch her. I’m taking 5 of the daycare children, and my youngest 2. Parents will have to come find me in the gym to pick up their children at the end of the day. I don’t want to miss Sissy’s first game!

Root for the Lady Panther’s today, if you can! 🙂









I also made a little feast to celebrate Martinmas with the kids. Saint Martin is one if the mist popular saints from the Middle Ages. On Martinmas, the feast usually consists of roasted goose and St. Martin wine. The kids and I celebrated with roasted chicken and grape juice. I read them a article about the saint and from Luke in the bible. We sat around the coffee table and talked about living in Gods light instead of the darkness. Such sweet ideas and words from the children. I treasure those times!



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