Marriage is not for you

Have you seen that article floating around Facebook? Marriage is not for you, but its for who you married. Oh yeah. Guilty over here. It’s not about ME!! Ugh. I’ve been possibly a little ungrateful lately in the marriage department. Maybe even a little demanding and selfish. Certainly not as kind or loving as I should be. I’m glad to have read that article. It hit home. I needed to read it.

Why is it so easy to focus on other things? Why do I lose sight of the truly important things and instead get wrapped up in the superficial?! I’m caught up, that’s for sure. I think in some ways social media has made that a issue for me. So in so is doing this, decorating this way, has a spotless house, took a vacation, etc. so I try to keep up. But it’s a losing battle. In the end I feel defeated and like I’ve cheated my husband and children out of special time. Not all the time. Just some of the time. Because I have.

Now that October is over and I’m done with sewing for Halloween and Abigail’s big saint project, and the book fair; I’m covering up the machine and putting it away. I’ve made a new rule in the house – no video games or gaming devices can be used unless it’s the weekend. I’m taking back the evenings. Family dinner, homework, quiet reading time. Board games. Extra snuggles at night when I tuck in the kids.
At first it was weird and I got a few moans and groans from the kids. But by the 3rd day they were asking if it was reading time yet. They enjoy me crawling into bed with them to snuggle more and have a few quiet moments talking before I turn off their light. I feel like its a slower pace. I don’t feel rushed. I feel like I can take the time to do that because I now have the time! Nobody argues about getting off the iPad or kindle or who’s turn it is. Nope. The green glow of the wii is now off. No blinking reminder of staring at the tv ignoring everything going on around them.





7 thoughts on “Marriage is not for you

  1. Sometimes we have “no technology” days. Of course we still use electricity, ha, but we don’t do the t.v. kindle fire, or laptop and the kids always grumble at first but after it gets going, it’s great!

  2. I saw that article too, and needed to be reminded also. Its too easy to focus on the negative and let selfishness take over. And wow, i’m sure you’re ready for a little relaxing after everything you’ve had going on!

  3. yeah, I seen that marriage article on fb too….i have a lot to work on also!

    I love that my daughter is loving to read more and more…. because she also LOVES movies and kindle games.

  4. Love this! I have been very convicted to do the same. Less media, more time with family. Less busy and more quality. If I am truly thankful then my actions should reflect it.

  5. I havent read the article yet…sounds like a good one!!! Your evenings sound delightful. The kids coloured all evening, played with the dog…we played tic tac toe…read about dogs, ate dinner…and I even cleaned up the kitchen:)….less electronics is very nice!!!

  6. That’s so special Denise! Your kids are going to remember those times so fondly. That is an area where I could use improvement. We (my family) all tend to get lost in our various electronic devises. I enjoyed looking at all your projects!

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