Pumpkins, costumes & family pictures



What a busy weekend! After Abbey’s soccer game we decorated pumpkins. This year we got or pumpkins from the sharing table at church. That table has blessed our family several times in this difficult financial season. I’m so thankful and grateful for those who have an abundance are willing to share.



Friday the kids’ school had a Harvest Dance. Lots of food, Thomas helped me make a tomato and basil bruschetta to bring. They played musical chairs and had a costume competition. Guess what?? Anna (Wonder Woman) and Abbey (Mummy) won the costume competition for their class groups!! So fun!!



I spent some more time on book fair decorations. I made a 6 foot tall sarcophagus! I’m in the middle if making another one. I did some more painting on the panels, too. I’m almost done!


Thomas, Anna and Nick spent 3 hours playing football in our muddy backyard. It did this Momma’s heart good to hear them laughing and shouting together. How I’ve missed all of them together. My heart was so full that I had a difficult time sleeping this weekend. Awake and counting my blessings for one more weekend together. Just feeling blessed and happy. We also had family pictures taken at Baumans Farms outside on Sunday after Mass. I sure hope a few good pictures were taken. Nicholas was hungry, so the process was very difficult for him to get through! Here is a pic I snapped before we left.


Tobit 14:9
“Now, children, I give you this command: serve God faithfully and do what is right before him; you must tell your children to do what is upright and to give alms, to be mindful of God and at all times to bless his name sincerely and with all their strength”

It was a wonderful weekend. I’m so thankful for that.


8 thoughts on “Pumpkins, costumes & family pictures

  1. I am so glad you had such a great weekend with the family all together. You are so creative and your costumes rock! Not surprising they won. I love all the happy vibes in this post. May you have a blessed week as well.

  2. yes, what beth said. YOU won!! :)) they looked amazing.
    and carving pumpkins is what’s on the plan for our house tonight!!!

    happy wednesday D! xo

  3. Denise you are amazing! Is there anything you can’t make?! So talented!

    I love the idea of a sharing table! I’ve never heard of that before but what a wonderful way to bless and be blessed!

  4. How you find the time to make things is beyond me!!:) I too love to hear them play happily outside! Its a lovely sound…like all is well with our world!

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