Wonder Woman & Egypt

Have nothing in common, except for me trying to create designs that resemble them.

Anna is going to be Wonder Woman for Halloween. Costumes are so skimpy and inappropriate that I decided to try and make her a more covered up version. No pattern. Just free hand. I’m too impatient to use a pattern. Ha. Although I’m sure some of my creations would fit much better if I could relearn to use a sewing pattern. One of these days I’ll take the time. This past weekend wasn’t the time!



I think it turned out ok. Wish the skirt was pouffier, but I like the length.

That brings me to Egypt. The kids’ school book fair theme this year is “Reading Oasis, take your mind on a journey” So I decided to decorate using Egypt as my theme. I’ve made 6 panels so far. 3 feet by 3 feet each. I’ve hand drawn designs by looking at hundreds of Internet pictures. As you can tell, I’m no artist!!








I still have 2 more panels to draw. Then paint them all. I’m also making a multi colored backdrop for the register area, decorating two large bulletin boards with pyramids and palm trees then making two sarcophagus for the life size mummies I’ve already made.

I’ve had SO much fun! Still lots to do and I need to finish Abigail’s mummy costume before Friday. The school is putting on a Harvest Dance! Fun!!


11 thoughts on “Wonder Woman & Egypt

  1. ‘as you can tell, i’m no artist’????
    are you kidding me? these look awesome!! and that costume turned out all kinds of amazing for no pattern! you are super talented!!

  2. Wow, Denise! How do you ever find time for all this stuff? I love to draw, but I can’t imagine doing sewing without a pattern. I agree with the others. You are simply amazing and your kids really have a great mom who is giving them SO many memories.

  3. I was thinking the same thing as Luci. I can just imagine your grown up children talking and remembering all the things you’ve done, “Remember the time she made those Eygpt panels?!?” They look wonderful!
    LOVE the costume.

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