Book Fair & Church potluck

I’ve been a busy bee drawing and creating decorations for the kids school book fair. Each year at their school, families are required to sign up for fair share hours. Basically, volunteer hours. Each family is required to sign up for at least 28 hours. The book fair in itself is 28 hours. We sign up for other things too, but the book fair is a big job. This year the theme is Reading Oasis. Kind of Egyptian or Indiana jones type theme. I’m kind of going more into the Egyptian desert theme. Mummies, Egyptian Gods, pyramids, King Tut, etc.






Today Abbey has a soccer game, then I’ve got to race home and get the chili, cornbread and chocolate cake I made and go to the church and set up. Today after 5pm Mass, we’re celebrating the feast of Saint Luke. Our parish is having a potluck and putting on a talent show. I’m in charge of setting up and cleaning up. It should be a fun day!


My husband leaves today for another business trip. Boo. I really don’t like it when he’s gone. At least this one is only a week.

I talked to Thomas this morning. He comes home next weekend. I can’t wait!! We’re planning a sledding trip to Mt. Hood during the Thanksgiving weekend. Should be fun!



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