It’s that time of year again! My kids search endlessly on the Internet for the perfect costume. Decide on something, then two days later change their minds. Come up with another idea, beg me to make it, then change their minds again. Or I realize I don’t have the skills or the time to pull it off – so I help them come up with a new costume idea!

Thomas is now too old, (and too cool for school), to dress up. Anna has decided on Wonder Woman, Nicholas is going to be Hawkeye from The Avengers (because he’s desperate for a bow and arrow set) and Abigail is going to be a mummy. We decided to buy Nick’s costume at one of those huge Halloween stores. I decided on making the girls’ because I can’t fathom them wearing the grotesquely inappropriate outfits that can be bought. We bought Anna’s wig, then headed to the fabric store for lots of cheesecloth and yellow, red and blue material.

We got really lucky at the Goodwill the other day and found Anna a pair of boots for $4.99. I figured I could transform them into the red and white Wonder Woman boots. They came out great!

I went to a consignment store and got a white shirt and white pair of pants. Now I’m sewing on a million strips of cheesecloth, in the hopes it will end up looking like a mummy! Wish me luck on this, because right now it’s just one big mess!

I’m helping our church with the potluck for the feast of Saint Luke this weekend, Abbey has a soccer game, and my husband leaves for another business trip – but somewhere in there I hope to sew Anna’s Wonder Woman skirt. I’ve sketched out the yellow W that I’ll sew onto her red turtleneck, I need to find a rope to spray paint gold for her lasso, too. I think I have a pretty good handle on Anna’s costume. Abigail’s I’m not so sure how it will turn out!

Feeling thankful I’m only making 2 costumes this year, and not 4!





4 thoughts on “Sewing

  1. Wow! The boots look great. I have no idea what we are doing for Halloween. Aleigh wants to be a vampire and Ryan wants to be Hulk, so no matching theme this year. *pouts* Why do they grow up and get opinions?! I am sure we will come up with something! I wish I had your mad skillz.

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