Missing Thomas

Another weekend with only part of my family. I wonder if I’ll always feel that way. When a child goes off to college does a Mom feel the same way I do?
I doubt it. I would’ve been more prepared ( I think) had Thomas moved because of college. Instead of moving to live with his Dad.

This past Friday in most high schools was homecoming week. Such a fun and busy week. Full of events, pep rally, assembly and then finally the much anticipated football game.

Thomas’ school also had their homecoming. Thomas is a sophomore, so suited up, but didn’t get to play in the big game this Friday.


There he is, #80 running out onto the field.

I’m sad (and embarrassed) to say that I found this picture of him after going through more than 400 pictures on his schools website. I wasn’t there. I didn’t get to cheer his team on. I didn’t get to see him off before the big game. I didn’t get to listen to him tell me what went wrong, and what went right during the game.

I talked to him briefly today, but not long enough. It’s never long enough.

I miss him. His siblings miss him. I can’t help but think about the many Sundays in the past. His long body stretched out on the sofa watching the game, asking me to make him something to eat. Or the way he would turn to me and say, “mom, did you see that?!” And he’d rewind the tv and show me again.

He’ll be home in two weeks. Just for the weekend. I can’t wait to hug him. Talk to him. See his smile. Hold him. I miss him.


4 thoughts on “Missing Thomas

  1. this makes me get all choked up~ all that you’re missing. but your willingness to let thomas have his freedom during this time is something i’m sure he notices and is grateful for with you. so happy he’ll be home in a few weeks, which i’m sure seems forever away to your heart that aches for him. you’re doing good, mama. you really are!!

    hugs to you, friend!

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