Another weekend of sewing, cooking and soccer!



Abigail had a great game, scoring 3 of her teams 4 goals! Th rain held off an the sun came out – it was perfect.

I got some more sewing done on Abigail’s mummy Halloween costume.


Tried a new butternut squash soup recipe. Kind of a dud. None of us really cared for it.


The roasted squash was delicious, but the soup tasted off. Hmm. Oh well.


Last night after watching the Dodgers and the UW Huskies lose, we needed a laugh – so we watched Little Giants with the kids after dinner. Cute movie that had us all in stitches.

It’s Sunday morning. I’m the only one up. My little piece of heaven. Coffee and quiet! I need to iron everyone’s church clothes and start waking up the children.

I think I’ll make enchiladas and refried beans for supper. That way I’ll have leftover beans for burritos later in the week.

I’m going to work on Anna’s Wonder Woman costume today and I hope to finish sewing Abbey’s Saint Abigail robe for her oral presentation coming up at school.


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