Ahhh it’s Friday night around 8:15pm. Jeromy and the kids are watching Batman. I think #4, I’m not sure. I’m on the couch reading Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah. It’s one of our October book choices. We also plan on reading the sequel, Fly Away.

I made old fashioned chicken & dumplings for supper tonight. So creamy and delicious. Made a huge mess in the kitchen that I still haven’t cleaned up. I have to stop myself from sneaking back into the kitchen for one.more.bite. it’s so good.

Abigail has a soccer game tomorrow, then were off to the fabric store. I’m making her Saint Abigail costume for her project. I’m also making Anna and Abigail’s Halloween costumes (Wonder Woman and a mummy) Nick still can’t decide and Thomas is now too old and too cool to trick or treat.

I also hope to get some of the painting done for the props I’m making for the schools book fair in November. The theme is reading oasis. Think Egypt, mummies, camels, and heirioglyphics.

I have a lot of ideas! A whole Pinterest board of ideas. Eek. That might be my downfall. I need to zero in on a specific layout and then plan on how toget it all finished in time! I’m making a cardboard coffin, a couple kid sized mummies (using my kids as a mold) a Egyptian desert background and camels, lanterns and columns with draped cloth and , and , and you get the picture.

I made some delicious broccoli cheddar soup the other day.

A few misc pictures from our week:









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